About University Square

The overall aim of University Square is firstly to attract the right students, and then to provide a community based complex where excessive alcohol is NOT the focus.

Our interactive management is happy to supply free of charge, food, activities and events to assist with the spirit of Uni Square. For the benefit of everyone, we have a "no party policy" and a noise curfew between 11pm and 7am. Binge drinking or drinking games are not permitted on our property, nor do we want students who scream and shout, slam doors etc. Everyone has the "Right to Quiet Enjoyment" of our property at all times, day and night.

  • Clean.
  • Secure.
  • Friendly.
  • Location.
  • Experienced Management.

Ease Of Access To University And Public Transport

It is an unfortunate truth that some University Students have their studies as a low priority behind their social and party escapades. Generally these students enrol in part-time or low stress classes and then go about negatively impacting upon other students. We are by far the smallest (63 students) of all complexes and have had a really good vibe for many, many years. We provide an environment that is conducive to study, day and night. The results you achieve now will set you up later in life. Choose Uni Square, the complex with the highest % of returned guest year after year.

Where you live really does influence your academic results. Uni square provides an environment in which you can achieve to your full potential. You also have ease of access to university and public transport.

Office Hours

These may alter during the year for a best fit with current students. Rent to be paid by EFT only. Management is available 24/7 for emergencies, we also want to help students where possible, please ask if you need any help.


are legally binding contracts for the term and amount signed for. Occasionally students need to break leases for various reasons and you need to be aware that you will be required to continue to pay the lease until a suitable replacement can be found. See www.rta.qld.gov.au A re-leasing or letting fee will be charged equivalent to 1 weeks rent +GST if the Management of University Square is required to find the replacement. We will work with to assist where possible. A bond of 4 times your weekly rent is required at he start of your tenancy and will be refunded in full if all is in order. Management will work with you in the 7 days leading to your departure to help you get your full bond back. Over the last 3 years, we have averaged 100% bond refund to 96% of our students. This is as important to us as it it to you.

Overnight Guests

maximum stay 4 nights no fee charged must be respectful to other roommates, parents welcome any time .


new fibre optic cable private line unlimited use for tenants.


is also included in your package, this includes access, service and reasonable consumption charges. There is no allowance for heaters, air-conditioners or compressors and approval will need to be sought from Management as some devices are potential fire hazards. Some heaters and air conditioners consume more energy than leaving on 250 lights, or running 40 ceiling fans.


is a precious resource and Australia is the driest inhabited continent on the planet. Please use water sparingly. We are asked in Queensland to keep showers to 5 minutes and to not needlessly waste water. This utility is included.


is a personal experience, we ask that you keep it that way, and to not interfere with the 'Quiet Enjoyment' of our property.

Car Parking

is located in the basement - limited numbers so make your intentions known when aplying. You can also park in front or behind the complex for free. You can apply for a resident pass via Council.


is permitted within the rooms and complex in general. It is expected that students drink moderately and responsibly and not interfere with the 'Quiet Enjoyment' of this property. Uni Square is not interested in students who wish to have drinking sessions in their apartments. Drinking games are not permitted. There are nearby pub's and club's.


is not permitted at any time in bedrooms or apartments, or the complex in general. There is a fumigation fee of $550 if this rule is not adhered to. Candles and insence are not permitted due to fire risk.

Pest Control

is conducted annually. It is expected that you clean your apartment and room on an ongoing basis. Rubbish and recyclables are to be taken to the main bins on a daily basis.


is located within the complex for the exclusive use of tenants.

Mail Boxes

are located on the Tonga Place side of the complex. Access keys will be provided. Your address will be your (unit number)/13-17 Tonga Place Parkwood, QLD. 4214


is your responsibility, There is no set exit cleaning fee. Your carpet and lounge furniture will need to be cleaned at the end of lease. Management offers to work with each student every day for the 7 days leading to departure.